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Feminine Spirituality

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the heart that reaches out to the Divine

like a lover in search of her beloved

an ever-new miracle of love

for spiritual seekers

of any path, gender or culture


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Women and Lust

There are popular statements found in smṛtis and nīti sāśtra that women have eight times more kāma than men.

The word kāma in these statements is often thought of as sexual "lust," giving the impression that śāstra considers women to be eight times more sexually lusty than men. Read more…


Feminine Spirituality Revealed

Experiencing emotions of love is a very powerful medium that enables one to comprehend and relish the emotions within spiritual love. It has always been the purpose of Indian scriptures to give a detailed analysis of human relationships as the bridge that carries one from material to spiritual emotions of love. It focuses mainly on women as their emotions of love are usually deeper and more variegated than those of men. Read more..


Was Cāṇakya a Male Chauvinist?

Cāṇakya, a great scholar of polity whose theories of administration are unparalleled anywhere in the world, has often been criticized for his demeaning references to women. Read more...



Transcending Through Lust

Contrary to popular understanding, the Kāma-sūtra is not a manual exclusively for sensual enjoyment between lovers, a topic covering only twenty percent of the book. The remaining eighty percent of the Kāma-sūtra is a guide for a charming and delightful life. It discusses the nature of love, family life and how to maintain good relationships. It also describes the various sensual pleasures of humanity, such as the performance of arts, attending festivals, and cultural events. Read more...


Deepen your experience of spiritual love!



From Taj to Vraj: a Feminine Spiritual Odyssey describes the author’s experiences as a liberated Western woman who wanted to go beyond the limitations she saw in worldly love. Believing that love is an all-inclusive experience, she embarked on a bicycle tour that took her around the globe for five years as she searched for her coveted goal. In India, she is propelled into a deep research after encountering different beliefs about women and their love, material and spiritual.  Read more...