Women and Lust

There are popular statements found in smṛtis and nīti sāśtra that women have eight times more kāma than men. For example:

strīṇāṁ aṣṭa-guṇā-kāmaḥ

kāmaśca aṣṭā-guṇaḥ smṛtaḥ
(Garuḍa-purāṇa 1.109.33, Hitopadeśa 2.71)

The word kāma in these statements is often thought of as sexual "lust," giving the impression that śāstra considers women to be eight times more sexually lusty than men.

Kāma-sūtra: Transcending Through Lust

Contrary to popular understanding, the Kāma-sūtra is not a manual exclusively for sensual enjoyment between lovers, a topic that covers only twenty percent of the book. Eighty percent of the Kāma-sūtra is a guide for a charming and delightful life. It discusses the nature of love, family life, how to maintain good relationships, and other aspects related to the sensual pleasures of humanity, such as the performance of arts, attending festivals, and cultural events.