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     Available in English, Polish, Russian and Lithuanian...

Available in English, Polish, Russian and Lithuanian...


From Taj to Vraj

A Feminine Spiritual Odyssey

From Taj to Vraj: a Feminine Spiritual Odyssey describes the author's experiences as a liberated Western woman who wanted to go beyond the limitations she saw in worldly love...

Believing that love is an all-inclusive experience, she embarked on a bicycle tour that took her around the globe for five years as she searched for her coveted goal. In India, she is propelled into a deep research after encountering different beliefs about women and their love, material and spiritual. This prompts an analysis of the different experiences subsumed under the term ‘love’. In this book, philosophy comes to life through a blend of her personal experiences as a spiritual seeker and her academic research based upon Indian scriptures.

This book reveals the author’s spiritual journey as she encounters different intensities of love that culminate in the devotional sentiments of Vraj. Consequently, From Taj to Vraj gives an insightful introduction into the path of mystical devotion practiced in India and increasingly in the West.

Written by a scholar and practitioner, this book helps one to understand and access this divine love. It gives practical solutions on living our daily lives while spiritually evolving. From Taj to Vraj is the spiritual odyssey for everyone who wants to access their true self – the self of love.

The book is available here

Jaya Devi’s work is a well-written account of her journey and inner struggles. Being an insightful portrayal of her spiritual quest, it will be particularly useful for women on the path, who may benefit from her internal metamorphosis.
— Steven Rosen. Author of Vaishnavi, Women and the Worship of Krishna
For the first time, I intend to read it again. Jaya, this is the single-most important book ever written in this day and age for women who are on the path to Krishna.
— Vishvambhara Priya. Spiritual Seeker, USA
Women who have been disappointed by their own understanding of love will find in this book the hidden meaning of ‘woman’ and ‘love’ according to Indian wisdom for the first time in contemporary literature.
— Prof. Dr. Ratnambara Sharma. Mangalayatam University, Aligarh, India
If I had known all of this before, I could have saved my marriage.
— Anna Bastida. Entrepreneur Artwork, USA
An important contribution in the field of Women’s Studies.
— Dr. Pitambara Sharma. Head Librarian, Vrindavan Research Institute, Vrindavan, India
The book was unique in addressing many questions essential for women who are trying to find their way - not only in love relationships but also in understanding Indian culture. Your attitude is one of shared experience.  Meanwhile, I became totally mesmerized by your book and didn’t have lunch that day. I found the writing so meticulous and honest that I can only give you my humble thanks and pranams.
— Theresa Foxglove. Author-contributor to International Nursing Journals, UK
From Taj to Vraj is reminiscent of ‘Eat, Pray, Love,’ though it takes the concept of love to significantly higher dimensions.
— Steven Rosen. Founder- editor of the Journal of Vaishnava Studies
I feel grateful to you as contact with you also helps me in unfolding the divine eternal feminine principle on the path of my sadhana.
— Andrej Segula. Spiritual Seeker, Slovenia
I liked the way you used your own life as a kind of experiment to explore some important questions. What is love? What is freedom? What is sacrifice?  The questions you posed were very sharp and well-defined. And they weren’t just intellectual questions. They were founded on your life experience - and your openness and willingness to share seemed to me to be both humble and direct.
— Gauri Devi. Author- translator of Sundara Kanda, USA